Rewards program boosts dealer website visits by 102 percent, says PSN

Publish Date: 
Sep 14, 2012

SUSSEX, Wis. - PowerSports Network has launched SocialLink Rewards, an online rewards program designed to drive more consumers to interact with dealership sites and increase the number of customers seeing those sites.

The program debuted this week for the powersports industry.

SocialLink Rewards was designed using VoxBloc, a social media application that PowerSports Network’s parent company, Dominion Enterprises, acquired in late 2011. VoxBloc was developed and implemented in the entertainment industry and is now part of Dominion Social Ventures.

SocialLink Rewards showcases a dealership’s inventory on its Facebook page, creates Facebook Events, offers scheduled posting of featured inventory and events, and increases newsletter subscriptions.

The program rewards consumers every time they interact with a dealership Facebook or Twitter site, such as liking or sharing a Facebook post. In return, the dealership sites become a more active online channel for enthusiasts, while their friends and social media followers become potential clients for the dealership, the company said.

And even though there's always a percentage of visitors who "like" a site just to get points but then never make a purchase, there is an upside.

"Yes, you could get a 'junk' participant to be involved, but then how many of that 'junk' participant's friends will suddenly be turned on to something new and different," Neil Pascale of Dominion told Dealernews. "For the dealer, the latter figures to be -- in the long run -- the most important marketing vehicle, especially as so many [dealers] have drastically reduced marketing efforts outside of their immediate clientele."

“Since the introduction of SocialLink last year, PowerSports Network dealers have enjoyed an average increase of 102 percent in website page views and a 65 percent increase in unique website visitors,” said Laura Reinders, PowerSports Network marketing manager.

The SocialLink Rewards program encourages consumer interaction by providing enthusiasts with points for sharing or liking something on a dealership’s Facebook and Twitter sites. Consumers will eventually use these points to win product or service giveaways provided by the dealership.


Posted by Holly Wagner