Richa moto-gear takes stain-resistance to new level

Publish Date: 
Feb 16, 2013
By Mike Vaughan

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. – Catsup just drips off of it, and even if the catsup is rubbed in, a squirt of water and a paper towel remove any lingering tomatoey residue.

The garment is made by a Belgian company, Richa (at the Vega booth, 803), and in addition to the standard multiple pockets, hi-rez color and breathable liners are a few features not found on other high-end garments.

Starting with the NanoSphere treated the proprietary Dynatec outershell, in addition to being highly abrasion resistant, water and dirt simplydon’t adhere to the surface, meaning the jacket is waterproof, needs less frequent washing, and always looks good.

The bonded inner liner is made of c_change, the “Bionic Climate Membrane,” that reacts to changes in temperature and moisture, opening as temperature and moisture increase, and closing as temperatures drop and activity drop, thereby retaining body heat. The only other company licensed for this product is BMW.

The jacket comes with a removable soft shell liner that can be used as a casual jacket.

While the retail price for the jacket and pants are on the high end, $599.99 for the jacket, and $479.99 for the pants, as vice president, Jean Demund points out, the combination eliminates the need for multiple jackets and pants, and is a true all season garment. Sizes range from small to 8XL. X8L prices run $100.00 per piece more. Photo on this page by Gary Rohman