Ride Comfortably with Saxx Undergarments


According to Saxx, it’s “time to change your underwear because your balls and legs could use some time apart.”

Saxx touts itself as the “next generation of men’s underwear,” utilizing side panels made of breathable thin mesh that contours to the body and prevents contact between a man’s testicles and legs, offering more comfort than your average pair of undies.

Thank Trent Kitsch for this innovation. Kitsch designed prototypes and tested them on friends, most of whom are professional athletes. “Response was overwhelming,” Kitsch says. “Guys who initially thought of Saxx as performance wear began wearing them every day for comfort and fashion.”

The patent-pending Saxx is distributed by Impact Distributing.

Saxx is available in four styles: trunks, boxer briefs, long-leg and long johns, and three fabrics: Everyday, Performance and Bamboo. POP displays for 48 and 120 boxes are available.