Ride in Peace: Cindy Rutherford of Century Motorcycle

Publish Date: 
Nov 12, 2012

SAN PEDRO, Calif. - An early-December memorial service is planned for Cindy Rutherford, general manager and ultimately owner of Century Motorcycle, a small but popular vintage motorcycle shop along the Southern California coast.

Rutherford died in early November after a long illness.

Rutherford worked alongside her father, "Wild Bill" Cottom, at Century Motorcycle, a shop known for repairing,  restoring and selling vintage motorcycles. She took over the businss when Cottom died in 1993. Her son, Tim Parrish, reportedly will assume the helm at Century.

She is survived by longtime partner Mike Gaffney, sons TIm Parrish and James Floyd, and sister Boots Knowles. According to reports, her ashes will be placed alongside her father's inside the motocycle shop.

Click HERE to read about Rutherford's life and courtesy of the Daily Breeze.