Ride in Peace: Longtime Cycle News editor Henny Ray Abrams

Publish Date: 
Feb 28, 2013

CYCLE NEWS MAGAZINE has reported that its longtime contributing editor, Henny Ray Abrams, was found dead inside his New York apartment Thursday morning.

He was 57 years old.

According to the publication’s website, colleagues had not been able to contact Abrams for several days. A friend of Abrams went to his apartment with another friend who had a key and found the journalist dead at his computer. “I’m in complete shock,” wrote Cycle News editor Paul Carruthers. “I’ve known and worked with Henny since I started at Cycle News in 1985. I’m at a loss for words.”

The magazine said that will offer more information when it becomes available. It had this to say about Abrams’ long tenure with the publication:

“Abrams was the longest-serving contributor in the history of Cycle News, reporting and photographing all forms of motorcycle racing from the late 1970s until his death. Abrams covered everything from World Motocross in the 1980s to AMA flat track to MotoGP and AMA road racing and everything in between. He was a journalist in the true sense of the word.”

The news of Abrams death spread quickly through social media and the Internet as comments sections filled with glowing memories and expressions of shock. One such message came from former Cycle News editor and MotoGP press officer for Ducati Corse, Chris Jonnum.

“Like everyone else, I’m in shock. As a young reporter at CN, I was a little intimidated by Henny, but he taught me a lot over the years, eventually becoming a good friend that I shared hotel rooms with after I left the publication,” Jonnum wrote. “He was a hard-hitting journalist with an incredible work ethic and a sardonic sense of humor, but he was also more compassionate than he liked to let on.

“His passing will open a vacuum in road racing that will be very, very difficult to fill,” Jonnum added.

Posted by Dennis Johnson