Ride-On Smart Caps keeps tabs on tire pressure

Publish Date: 
Feb 16, 2012

Ride-On has announced that it will launch its Smart Caps at Dealer Expo this year. Smart Caps are valve caps that once installed, will let the user know when tire pressure drops by 4 psi. A red light also will blink continuously if the tire pressure is low for more than a month. The Smart Caps can automatically compensate for ambient temperature changes to avoid false alarms, the company says. Also integrated are an anti-theft device and a low-battery alarm (the cap will blink yellow). Installation is easy; simply screw the valve caps onto the tire valve stems.

Ride-On will offer dealers a 15 percent discount on all orders made at the show. Smart Caps come in boxes of 24, with two per package, and boxes of 48, with four per package. Individual bulk orders of 200 also are available.

Contact: Ride-On, 703-421-9778, www.ride-on.com.