Ridley Gives 37-Month Warranty


Oklahoma-based Ridley Motorcycle Co. is offering a "2 Year Plus" warranty for its 2008 automatic motorcycles. The program offers a 25-month standard warranty with no mileage limit, plus an additional 12-month option for purchase.

The program is backed entirely through Ridley, so that all initial coverage remains the same throughout the life of the warranty, according to the manufacturer. "We prefer to work directly with our customer with any service issues that may come up," says Jay Ridley, vice president.

The 37-month program is available in three phases. All warranty items are covered at 100 percent for the first 12 months; the warranty is then continued for the next 13 months with a $100 deductible. The 12-month extended warranty costs $595 with a $100 deductible.