Right in Your Hot Little Hand


February is a great month to show off a new set of grip warmers because most everybody knows that cold hands suck. Symtec (Booth 9509) is showing a variety of products to beat the cold.

The heater in Heat Demon's grip warmers installs inside the handlebar so it can be used with any grip. A controller with LED settings is reportedly easy to use, without the rider removing his hands from the grips. The Heat Demon comes in a Harley-Davidson size and a universal fit.

The 4 Zone Controller for ATVs comes in three kits: Winter Pak Plus, which includes the 4 Zone, heated grips, thumb warmer and adhesive; the Winter Pak Basic, with the 4 Zone, heater elements, thumb warmer and adhesive; and the Winter Pak No Glue, which includes heated grips and thumb warmer.

The 4 Zone has adjustable intensity LEDs for night riding and a power level memory to restore desired power levels after restarting the vehicle.