Off Road Express gets Indian Motorcycles franchise

Publish Date: 
Sep 30, 2013

ERIE, Pa. – The folks at Off Road Express and Auto Express in Greene Township are staking a claim to the Indian Motorcycles brand that they hope will give them an edge in the region .

"Dealers are going to start popping up all over, but we are here before there is one in Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh," dealership Vice President Joe Askins told the Erie Times-News. "We have a five- or six-month head start, and that could be a huge opportunity."

Askins was in talks for more than a year about becoming an Indian dealer, which will be the first one in the region. Off-Road Express is a Top 100 Dealer known for its innovative displays and merchandising techniques at its parent multiline store (Dealernews September 2013, page 32).

Askins said he's already sold more than 20 Indian bikes and has a list of about 70 more people waiting to try one. They’ll get their chance when the new shop hosts "Demo Days" Oct. 8-9.

He thinks the sticker price, comparable to other new heavyweights, will also help. "I think the expectations from the public were that we were expecting this bike to come in a bit more expensive," he said. "I think at this price it's going to be very mainstream."


Posted by Holly Wagner