Off-road, scooter sales increase in second quarter: MIC

Publish Date: 
Aug 1, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. - The industry was able to recover in second quarter, with the Motorcycle Industry Council reporting a 2.5 percent increase in street, off-road and scooter sales. This pushed two-wheel sales year to date up 2.6 percent over the same period in 2013.

Q2 sales were led by the dual-sport and off-road markets, with duals reporting a 12 percent (384 unit) increase over second-quarter 2013, and dirtbikes posting an impressive 20.9 percent increase (1,243 units up) over the same period last year. Scooter sales also rebounded with 208 more units sold over the same period in 2013 for a 4.9 percent hike.

Street sales, the largest market, slumped slightly in second quarter, posting a 1.5 percent decline over the same period in 2013. However, the on-highway market is still in the black for 2014, with January-June sales up 1.7 percent (about 3,000 units) over last year, the MIC reported.

The ATV market dropped 5.6 percent in second quarter but year-to-date remained stable. The MIC does not monitor UTV sales.

The combined motorcycle, scooter and ATV market ended flat for second quarter, with gains made in the dirt and scooter markets offset by the drop in ATVs and the sluggish sales in street. However, January through June the combined market is up 2 percent, the MIC reported.

The MIC compiles its data from sales reports of member companies. 

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