Road-tested: REV’IT, Arai, Leatt adventure-touring gear

Publish Date: 
Jun 5, 2013
By Bruce Steever

UNLESS YOU LIVE under a rock, it’s pretty clear that adventure touring is the 'next big thing' right now.

The class is dominating new bike development budgets and is earning sales to match the investments — at least for some OEMs. In this model year alone, we’ve seen a new 1190cc KTM, the first water-cooled BMW boxer 1200GS, a new Adventure version of the same firm’s F800GS, a significant refresh of Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 and Suzuki’s teaser of the next V-Strom 1000. (Any bets that we will see Kawasaki’s new Versys 1000 stateside soon, as well?)

While all of the above bikes pride themselves on their versatility, there is a common thread among the disparate group: true sport-riding appeal and ability. As I’ve said before, ADV bikes are the new sport-tourers, the new choice of riders who a few years ago would’ve shopped for a new VFR800 or Ducati ST3. As the sporting ability and focus of these machines has increased, there is a possibility for protective apparel manufacturers to follow suit. While almost every gear company currently offers ADV-centric gear, it is typically angled more for the touring aspects of riding.

REV’IT! saw a need for sportier ADV gear and created the set you see here (shown below), comprised of the Levante jacket, along with Airwave pants and Striker gloves from the street lineup. Matched up with the ADV-standard Arai XD4 helmet and a Leatt STX neck brace (photos on next page), a rider gets the best of all worlds: the well-tailored fit desirable for sports riding with the style, flexibility and features typically expected from dedicated ADV gear.

REV’IT! Levante Jacket
The Levante ($299.99 MSRP) is a three-quarter length mesh textile jacket available in both men’s and women’s sizing. What makes it special is that despite the touring style, the jacket still offers a slim (and highly adjustable) fit that works well when standing on the footpegs or hunched over in attack mode. And it looks really good, especially when compared to the typically baggy ADV gear on the market. A waterproof thermal liner comes standard, but when removed, the Levante is the ideal desert companion.

REV’IT! Airwave Pant
REV’IT! doesn’t make a bespoke ADV summer pant, so that duty falls to the Airwave pant from the street line. Designed as an overpant, the pant easily fits over street clothes with large entry zips. Those zips also allow the Airwave pant to work with bulkier dirt-riding boots as easily as with conventional street boots. Cooling airflow is perfect and does a great job cooling a rider when wrestling with a big ADV bike off road. Again, the fit offers a sportier cut and style than the typical ADV pant, with nice touches such as a grippy seat material that helps grip when leaning hard. (continued)