Roadhouse Brand provides blasts from the past

Publish Date: 
Feb 1, 2003
By Arlo Redwine

ALTHOUGH WE'RE SURE there are still some fine establishments out there referring to themselves as "roadhouses," the term was more popular in the early twentieth century for places outside the city limits where you could go for a little drinking and roughhousing.  Mostly located on backcountry roads, these taverns/nightclubs naturally attracted traveling bikers.

Today, another roadhouse is hoping to attract bikers, especially metric cruiser aficionados who have a soft spot in their hearts for the style of days past.  Roadhouse Brand, a manufacturer of motor parts, accessories and exhaust systems for cruisers, claims it has returned to motorcycling's roots - and in the process captured the spirit of the times - by offering products that lend themselves to the retro influences that are dominating the majority of new cruisers.

But why not let the products speak for themselves?  Roadhouse's flagship pipe seems to be their Classic 2-into-1 exhaust system, which is not just an adaptation of an earlier pipe, but a completely new design that increases performance throughout the RPM range.  One of the innovations listed by Roadhouse is the balance its engineers attained between sufficient back pressure and improved flow.  In addition, unlike some other pipes, the Classic doesn't require re-jetting to maintain properly tuned performance:  Just bolt and go.  All this R&D has paid off:  The Classic was rated #1 by Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine in a head-to-head performance test against other leading brands.

Getting back to style.  The Classic 2-into-1 also provides aesthetic pleasure.  Unlike systems that simply "uncork" a bike's potential, the Classic is said to provide a hearty tone that is not overly loud, yet devoid of all ratty or tinny sounds - all thanks to a large 4" diameter muffler canister with a 2" removable core.

As you know, old-time cruisers had a tendency to vibrate.  Early exhausts on everything from bikes to Deusenberg roadsters featured serrated pipes to remain flexible enough to handle excessive vibration without cracking.  Roadhouse fondly remembers that look by offering trademarked serrated head pipe covers.  Of course, smooth is an option as well - a company poster showing a buxom babe and a Kawasaki Vulcan even jokes, "Now available in smooth or ribbed for your extra riding pleasure."  (Roadhouse lives up to its name in more ways than one.)

The Classic is available for a wide selection of applications, as are Roadhouse's Slip-on and Dooley lines of exhausts, with the Dooleys also being offered with serrated covers.  You can either use the contact info below to request a catalog, or peruse the company's web site ( for all the different models and optional tips.  When you do you'll notice the company is also a provider of uniquely styled billet accessories.  Master cylinder covers, handlebar clamps, dash plates, one-piece mirrors - all are available in smooth, diamond and flame designs.  Additional products include lighting accessories, exhaust/performance accessories, exhaust tips, apparel and saddlebags.

No beer and no fights, but isn't this one roadhouse you'll definitely want to visit?  (And don't forget the roadhouse girls.)  If so, make a pit stop at Booth 2633 in Indy.            

Roadhouse Brand
27 W. Easy St., #401
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(888) 700-5979
FAX (805) 579-1878