RoadLok Security launches new website

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Mar 28, 2011

RoadLok Security has launched its redesigned website that lets visitors create a direct link between the end user and the manufacturer.

“Our new website focuses on ease of navigation, helping customers find the right locking system for their motorcycle”, says president Adam Xavier. “We are able to efficiently communicate information to our customers seeking to learn about advanced security products.” has been designed around a navigation system that matches the correct locking system to visitors’ specific motorcycle information.

By directing visitors through a series of questions, the exact system is identified to eliminate incorrect system purchases. The new product identifier has been proven to reduce product fit issues while increasing efficiency in order fulfillment.

Site visitors also have the option to search for product by keyword. Using keywords pertaining to motorcycle information such as the make, model or even a common nickname results in a list of appropriate systems for that specific motorcycle.

Visitors and retailers have the option to create accounts where information can be stored related to their locking system purchases, key codes and contact information. In the event that a replacement key is needed, the factory has direct access to the information allowing a substantial reduction in the time it takes to produce and ship a replacement key.

Retailer accounts create a direct connection with RoadLok Security increasing the flow of information such as real-time order fulfillment, product changes and stock status. Ordering history, product pricing, special promotions and easier return procedures can all be managed within a retailer account.

“New visitors of the RoadLok site are looking for information on how to better protect their motorcycles.”, says Dennis McWatters, operations manager at RoadLok Security. “Some first-time visitors are not familiar with how the RoadLok works - this is where videos are a powerful tool to help explain how our product works.”

Product videos and images are integrated directly on product pages, demonstrating product benefits and features to help with purchasing decisions.

The new website also features an Authorized Dealer Locator to point consumers to the more than 10,000 dealerships nationwide that have access to RoadLok systems through Tucker Rocky Distributing.

Posted by Holly Wagner


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