Roberts Launches Exhaust Products


Kenny Roberts' name is synonymous with MotoGP racing, so it's not much of a leap to guess that King Kenny would one day get involved in the sportbike aftermarket.

Well, that day is today or, more accurately, this weekend, as Roberts announces his entry into the growing market with KR Tuned, the KR-branded lineup of sportbike exhausts and accessories.

Roberts will apply years of MotoGP experience from top race engineers to the handcrafted, race-shop developed exhaust systems and parts through a product alliance with Hotbodies Racing. It all started with a race sponsorship.

"Last year we signed on to sponsor Kenny's MotoGP team, and after he saw our commitment to the industry he knew we were a natural fit to market his products," says Roger Davis, owner of Hotbodies Racing.

Stop by Booth 7620 to see the exhaust setup. It features an interchangeable end-cap design, and hand-built performance race headers with carbon fiber or titanium sleeve options.