Roland Sands Promoting Lower Priced Product

Publish Date: 
Aug 21, 2009
By Guido Ebert

CUSTOM BUILDER Roland Sands says his business during the first eight months of the year has been up 35 percent compared to the same time last year, but says business could be better once dealers and consumers realize they needn't spend thousands of dollars to pick up his unique and quickly expanding line of Roland Sands Design (RSD) products.

"We want consumers to know we have lower price point items and that it's easy for anyone to get into RSD products," Sands told Parts Unlimited reps assembled in Madison, Wisc., this week for the distributor's annual sales meeting. "A lot of people have an idea that our products are very expensive and unobtainable for those who don't have a lot of money. That's not true — we have a lot of stuff that's affordable and a great way to get people started on the habit of buying our product line. In fact, we have a load of products for under $100, under $200 and under $300."

Low-priced products Sands plans to increase promotion of include Combat bar ends, reservoir caps, mirror block-offs and crash sliders, the Clarion windscreen, and Streetfighter triple clamps and risers.

Also, for under $200, RSD plans to offer new graphics kits for sportbikes in the next few months. The first batch will be for select Ducati and Triumph models. Kits for the most popular models from Japanese OEMs are currently under development.

Sands says he further intends to "improve the customer and dealer experience" by offering new point-of-purchase displays, coming out with new packaging, working to stay consistent with branding, and increasingly emphasizing marketing via social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

"As of now, if anyone who purchases any of our products does a write-up on the product on a blog or a website, and sends us the link, we'll send them a free t-shirt," he says.