Royal Enfield heads to Colombia with new distributor

Publish Date: 
Jul 24, 2014

CHENNAI, India – Royal Enfield has struck a deal to make Corbeta Group as its exclusive distributor for sales and service in the Colombian market, the company announced.

Corbeta General Manager Enrique Vargas said going forward, the company, which has had a presence in Colombia for more than 70 years, will look at manufacturing bikes there as well.

Corbeta Group will open stores to exclusively sell the Royal Enfield brand. After the commercial launch later this year, Royal Enfield will introduce its Bullet, Classic and Rumbler range of motorcycles in 350cc and 500cc displacements and the Continental GT 535cc cafe racer in Colombia. It will also roll out its range of apparel and accessories.

"Corbeta Group's in-depth understanding of the Colombian market, proven credentials in the motorcycle business, infrastructure and aftermarket capabilities synergize very well with Royal Enfield's differentiated product offering and brand experience," said Royal Enfield CEO Siddhartha Lal.

"We understand the motorcycle market in Colombia and see a huge opportunity for creating a mid-sized segment here,” Vargas said. “We will be working with Royal Enfield to bring to Colombia a differentiated motorcycling experience. We will be supporting them with our strong aftermarket network and infrastructure to ensure that Royal Enfield customers have full service support in the region."

Royal Enfield is betting its smaller displacement bikes will be a hit in Latin America.

"At Royal Enfield we believe that the leisure motorcycling across the world has gone extreme with machines that are super-sized, ungainly and expensive to buy and own. While a lot of these attributes will continue to remain in motorcycling, there is a space for something very different," he said. "Royal Enfield has had a great run in the recent past with a 50 percent year-on-year growth for the last three years and aims at becoming a leading player in the global mid-sized motorcycle segment."

Royal Enfield sees strong potential in Colombia because of its motorcycle industry and the riding terrain.

"Our unique form of motorcycling is centered on the idea of an absolute connect between the rider, his bike and the terrain he rides through. We call this pure motorcycling. We have been working very hard to create motorcycles that engage deeply and are fabulous to ride in real-world riding conditions and speed. With a range of modern classic bikes, Royal Enfield brings to Colombia a new category of mid-sized motorcycles (250cc-750cc) that will make leisure motorcycling more accessible and fun," Lal said.

Royal Enfield operates through 11 company-operated stores and 250 dealers. It exports to about 40 countries, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and several European, Latin American, West Asian and South Asian countries.

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