RZR Cage Bracket Covers cushion that darned catch-y area

Publish Date: 
Dec 6, 2012

MESA, Ariz. - RZR owners who replace the stock belts with a four-point harness struggle with the outcome: it leaves the stock seat belt mounting bracket sticking out, and it catches on everything. That's where DragonFire's new RZR Cage Bracket Covers come in.

“We have come up with these RZR Cage Bracket Covers to keep things from snagging or banging against the stock brackets after you have put in a competition-style harness,” explained DragonFire's Chris Moore. “Not only do you cover up an eyesore, you are also adding some padding to that jagged bracket.”


Cutting the stock brackets off is not an option. “If you do bust out a die grinder and try to cut off the original mounting hardware, you might as well be cutting up your warranty. Instead of creating a weak spot in the stock cage, you can simply and effectively cover the brackets up,” Moore added.

Constructed of a durable neoprene material, DragonFire’s RZR Bracket Covers feature internal padding and are custom-cut to be as clean-looking as an OEM component, the company said. A simple Velcro closure system makes it easy to remove the covers for washing, or should owners wish to return to the stock belts. 

“Conveniently sold in sets of two, a couple covers are much cheaper than buying a new cage,” Moore said. “These covers should be a no-brainer when installing aftermarket harnesses.”

MSRP is $39.95 a pair. The company is selling directly to consumers on its website.

Press release posted by Mary Slepicka