S&S Announces New Engines and Frames

S Cycle Inc. is taking orders for the new X-Wedge and P-Series engines scheduled to start arriving in just a week.

The all-new S P-Series engine represents a trip back in time for styling with modern reliability. Available in 93ci, 93ci high compression and 103ci high compression versions, the P-Series is not a reproduction engine, but a modern version of the classic engine. Updated oiling, valve train and case design negate all of the issues of the past.

The P-Series will be available in generator and alternator/generator designs to fit your classic or custom build. Orders placed now will begin shipping within seven days. The P-Series 93ci Alternator/Generator P/N 106-0821 will have an MSRP of $8,195.

Available Nov. 1 will be the ballyhooed X-Wedge. The S product development team started with a clean sheet to design the air-cooled, 56-degree, three cam, pushrod v-twin of the future and brought the X-Wedge to life. With S VFI (variable Fuel Injection), full skirt pistons, five-bolt cylinders and heads, a plain bearing bottom end with side-by-side rods, the X-Wedge is nothing like past 45-degree engines, yet has a familiar sound and feel. A massive one-piece crank assembly keeps vibration low and helps deliver tremendous torque at very low rpm for smooth operation. X-Wedge engines delivered now will not be EPA compliant, but those produced starting Jan. 1 will carry EPA certification. The 117ci x-Wedge in silver or black (P/N 31-8061 or 31-8060) powdercoated finish will carry an MSRP of $9590.00 and the polished version P/N 31-8062 has an MSRP of $10,590.

"There has been a great deal of press regarding the X-Wedge and now the official release date is finally upon us,? says S president Brett Smith. ?The release of the X-Wedge, X-Wedge compatible frames from S and Rolling Thunder, and the P-series engine should make the next few months quite exciting. It is our hope that these new products will create momentum for us and the custom-performance v-twin industry as we head into our 50th celebration."

Since the X-Wedge is an all-new design, it will require a frame specific to the more robust case design it features.

Two new frames are available, one from S and another from Rolling Thunder. The S ST frame (P/N 106-0281 MSRP $3,095) includes the oil tank, weld-on gas tank mounts and features 30 degrees of rake, 2-inches of stretch and room for a 200mm rear tire. The Rolling Thunder frame (P/N 106-0811 MSRP $3,390) includes the oil tank and weld-on brake caliper tabs. This chassis has 34-degrees of rake and two-inch stretch and accommodates a 20mm rear tire. The Rolling Thunder frame is in stock right now and the S frame will be available at the beginning of 2008.