S&S Cycle Adopts New ERP System

S&S Cycle Inc. announces the implementation of a new Enterprise Resource System (ERP) created by SAP with support from Itelligence Corp.

With any major system undertaking — especially the go live portion — there is a period of nervousness when the switch is thrown.

S&S has to maintain an established standard of service for customers; they expect things to be ordered, built and shipped as they need them and can?t afford disruptions with their routines. If S&S can?t deliver because of a computer glitch, distributors, OE?s Dealers can?t deliver to their customers — and that is not how S&S wants to operate and why no chances could be taken with this implementation.

"With the growing Customer Support responsibilities S&S has taken on over the last several years; identifying and selecting an ERP system capable of meeting our needs as a manufacturer, globally, has been a major focus for us," says Sales Manager Kurt Peterson. "Although we have experienced some bumps in the road while learning the new system and all that it can do, we are very happy with the overall transition as it pertains to what our customers are experiencing."

"The implementation of a new ERP system is a significant event for a company," says Gary Larson, S&S VP Logistics and Executive Sponsor of the ERP implementation team. "There are many horror stories out there in regards to implementation issues at other companies, but thanks to the hard work and significant efforts of the S&S Cycle implementation team the S&S Cycle project has been successful. There are still improvements and enhancements to make SAP fully functional for S&S Cycle, but I am pleased with the results to date."