S&S Cycle Announces X-Wedge Training

S&S Cycle announces the availability of X-Wedge Technical Training in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Training and Certification facility.

Since the release of the X-Wedge engine during the fall of 2007, the demand for training has been high. The S&S Technical Department worked closely with the Product Development team to create a curriculum that will challenge and educate a technician during the four-day class.

Two days of the class will be spent working with the engine from a mechanical standpoint, learning the belt-drive three cam set up, assembling the new crankshaft assembly, installing the geroter oil pump and installing the new fuel-injection system. The second two days will be spent in VFI (Variable Fuel Injection) Training class, since the X-Wedge is only available with fuel injection. During this second segment of the four-day class, technicians will learn about how fuel injection works, how to build a fuel map and how to load that map in a bike.

"We are really excided about the X-Wedge and the dealer training program for the new S&S engine," said Charlie Hadayia, S&S Senior Manager of Race and Customer Services. "We feel that dealer training is the key to happy long term customers. The dealers are the ones taking care of the end user and the better the dealers are at servicing our products the happier the end user will be in the long run."

Classes will be available to S&S dealers immediately and can be found on the S&S website at www.sscycle.com and clicking on the Dealer Center button. A Consumer Technical Training version of the X-Wedge Training class will be announced prior to the summer session.