S&S Cycle helps teach old hogs new tricks

Publish Date: 
Jan 2, 2012

For the last couple of years, S&S Cycle has concentrated on products consumers could use to build their dream bikes on a budget. The move is in response to the decrease in new bike sales and the increase in the number of riders keeping their existing bikes on the road for longer.

This year in Indy, the V-twin-centric company is sticking to this model with the debut of a series of air cleaners called the Stealth Air Cleaner, says Bruce Tessmer, S&S Cycle’s marketing manager. The lineup includes a high-performance Twin Cam application that allows a biker to use his or her stock air cleaner cover. There are also new covers for other applications, including a newly designed teardrop cover and some that leave the filter element expose.

Tessmer says the covers will look just as cool on a stock Harley-Davidson as they would on a custom bike, a bagger, a chopper or even a Sportster. One of the company’s other major initiatives aimed at customers looking to punch up their existing rides is the Four Step program, which is a series of performance upgrades that riders can do in steps, as their budget allows.

Each step is designed to complement each other by starting with simple mods and progressing to more technical work. The first step is adding a new mufflers and air cleaners, followed by new cams and pushrods and then adding a big-bore kit, finally stepping up to CNC-ported heads.

This is basically a roadmap that helps walk the customer through the hop-up process, and let’s them do it without swallowing a big bill all at once, Tessmer explains. “People in this economic climate are really careful on what they spend their money on,” he adds.

This story originally appeared in the Dealernews January 2012 issue.