S&S Cycle Plans Big Time 50th Anniversary Bash

Publish Date: 
Jul 16, 2007

LACROSSE, Wis. - S&S Cycle Inc. will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year with an event that will feature 50 builders using 50 special S&S engines to build 50 custom bikes and compete for a $50,000 Grand Prize.

The engines will incorporate six engine families, the SH-Series, the V-Series, the SB-Series, T-Series, X-Wedge and a special engine to be announced on Oct. 1 at sscycle.com. These 50 engines will wear serial numbers starting at 1958 and running up to 2008 — the 51st will go into an S&S special project bike — commemorating their place in the special event.

The plan is for a three-day mini-festival to take place in La Crosse , Wisconsin with dates tentatively set for June 28-30., according to S&S. The company is planning a weekend full of events all around the La Crosse area, including a main festival area for the 50-bike show using the La Crosse Oktoberfest grounds.

"My grandparents founded an industry leader, the second generation grew the business to new heights, and my generation has been charged with the responsibility of guiding and stewarding this business into a new era of competition in the v-twin industry," says S&S president, Brett Smith. "The number of world-renowned builders and industry peers willing to support this event, along with a fantastic, diverse, group of community leaders in the Seven Rivers Region will most certainly make this celebration a success."

Mayor Jim Bialeki of neighboring Onalaska and La Crosse Mayor Mark Johnsrud have promised the full support of both cities for the event.

"The 50th Anniversary of S&S Cycle is an exciting time for bike enthusiasts around the world. The City of La Crosse is proud to be a part of this celebration showcasing the community and the accomplishments of S&S Cycle," says Johnsrud. Bialecki says, "There is no other event like this in the Midwest. S&S Cycle has given us an icon that will promote the area on a national level for years to come."