S&S Cycle Releases 50th Anniversary Catalog

S&S Cycle Inc. has announced its new Dealer Catalog for 2008, named Catalog 50 in honor of the company?s 50th anniversary and designed with a retro theme using historical photographs and tidbits of S&S heritage.

"At just under 700 pages, this is the largest S&S catalog ever," says Bruce Tessmer, Marketing Materials Manager. "Many of the historical images in the new catalog are actual family photos that the Smith family graciously allowed us to use in print, some of them for the first time."

Catalog 50 is filled with new products, most notably the all new S&S X-Wedge engine and the new S&S and Rolling Thunder chassis that goes with it. A close second is the new P-Series engine with styling from the '50s and '60s, but with modern performance. Also notable are the very economical EZFI fuel injection tuning module, as well as EPA and T