S&S Cycle releases full line of branded drivetrain lubricants

Publish Date: 
Jan 14, 2013

VIOLA, Wis. - S&S Cycle had partnered up with Spectro Oils to release a full line of premium drive train lubricants for Harley-Davidson and other American V-twin motorcycles.

According to Scott Sjovall, S&S vice president of product development, the relationship has allowed the engine manufacturer some flexibility with its product offering.

It can also offer a more comprehensive line of lubricants for its customers, said company president Steve Iggins. Previously S&S had recommended Mobil 1 20W50 for its engines.

“We are striving to offer improved protection for our high performance engines and the transmissions that all that power goes through. We believe our new products are better to anything currently available on the market today,” Sjovall said in a press release. “Of course, you don’t have to be a racer or a performance enthusiast to benefit from a superior product. Our new lubricants will work great in your stocker too. You can’t get an oil that’s too good for your machine. It’s like having too much fun.”

The company stressed that these products will only be available through S&S dealers and those who stock the manufacturer’s products, not through auto parts outlets or big-box stores.

The new S&S lubricant line includes the following products:

  • S&S Premium Synthetic 20W50 engine oil
  • S&S Heavy Duty Petroleum 20W50 engine oil
  • S&S Premium Synthetic 75W140 GL5 transmission oil
  • S&S Heavy Duty Petroleum 85W140 GL5 transmission oil
  • S&S Extreme Duty Petroleum 85W primary oil
  • S&S Quick Oil Change Kits which feature 4 quarts of S&S 20W50 engine oil and a premium oil filter – available with synthetic or petroleum based engine oil.

The lubricants come in multiple grades and formulations, and are bottled in “long neck” bottles that reportedly mean no funnel is needed for pouring them into a bike. The company said the lubricants exceed S&S Cycle and Harley-Davidson warranty requirements, protect against oxidation and are safe for catalytic converters.

The company is already addressing questions as to why it’s offering both petroleum and synthetic engine and transmission oils. “While we at S&S are convinced of the value of synthetic lubricants, not everybody believes that they are worth the higher price,” said Pete Amenda, S&S marketing director. “Rather than have those consumers resort to using an inferior automotive-type engine oil in our engines, we are offering a more economical way for them to get the correctly formulated lubricants they need to adequately protect their machines.”

Posted by Dennis Johnson