S&S Cycle's Throttle Hog gives good grunt

Publish Date: 
Jun 15, 2012

For owners of 2008 and later Harley-Davidson baggers looking for a little more umph, S&S Cycle offers its new Throttle Hog huge bore EFI throttle bodies for bikes with electronic throttle control.

“It’s no secret that to get the most power out of a big bore kit, cams, performance exhaust, and ported heads you need to upgrade the size of your EFI throttle body,” says S&S project engineer Kayle Pauling. “The problem is that it’s hard to find a big throttle body for throttle-by-wire bikes.”

Throttle Hogs are available in 58mm, 66mm, and 70mm bore sizes. The 58mm size is recommended for engines up to 110 in., which makes it ideal for engines with S&S 106 in. big bore kits. The 58mm also works well for stock 96 in. and 103 in. displacement engines. The 66mm Throttle Hog works with a big inch S&S engine or Hot Set Up Kit. The 70mm unit is strictly for large displacement engines with S&S B2 special application cylinder heads. The intake ports on the 70mm Hog are shaped to match the special oval shaped ports on the B2 heads.

The bike's stock air cleaner will not work with the Throttle Hog, but S&S has a lineup of Stealth air cleaner kits and back plates that will fit these applications. For more information go to www.sscycle.com.

Posted by Dennis Johnson

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