S&S Hosts Emissions Roundtable

S&S Cycle, along with TP Engineering, invited members of the media to the S&S Emissions Certification Laboratory in La Crosse, Wisconsin for an emissions roundtable discussion with Tom Austin of Sierra Research.

The roundtable discussion focused on the future of custom bike building through 49- and 50-State Certified Engines, the legal exemptions and small volume original equipment manufacturers.

Throughout the day, conversation was lively and spirited, with everyone seeing that the current laws and regulations — based currently on the EPA issued Letter of Guidance — allow for easy bike building and registration. Senior representatives from Drag Specialties participated in the roundtable and were impressed with the number of options available to the home and shop builder.

Tom Motzko of Drag Specialties said "We want our dealers to clearly understand that they can build a compliant bike using products we will outline for them, beginning with an S&S or TP Engineering Certified engine. This will allow our dealers to enlighten their retail customers on how they can, legally, build a bike at home using certified products we will showcase in a special flier and eventually in our catalog."

"Howard Kelly's idea to invite the industry's editors and publishers to an Emissions Summit was an excellent idea to preserve the future of custom bike building in the United States," said S&S president, Brett Smith. "Getting the message out accurately, through all the major industry publications is essential. I want to thank Tom Austin and the MIC for their gracious support and for TP and Drag's attendance and support of the event."

Smith went on to say, "Perhaps the most promising outcome was Drag's commitment to work with S&S, TP, and other emissions compliant/certified manufacturers to provide the builders, dealers, and enthusiasts with legally certified high-performance alternatives. The real message is that you can build bikes and we're thankful that Drag is going to help spearhead this effort!"

S&S has invested heavily in the future of emissions compliant engines with the opening of an Emissions Certification Laboratory in the La Crosse, Wisconsin facility. This lab will allow S&S to certify engines and components for EPA and California ARB (Air Resources Board) use for both small volume manufacturers and home builders and do complete vehicle certifications for Original Equipment manufacturers. The media roundtable should yield comprehensive articles on just what is and is not true when it comes to building a custom bike in today's emission conscious world.