S&S To Offer CARB-Certified Engine Options

S&S Cycle, Inc. will offer V-Series engine families certified using the California Air Resource Board (CARB) engine certification option starting in April. The engines will be certified in compliance with the pending rules and regulations of the California Certification Procedures for Highway Motorcycle Engines.

Availability of the engines is subject to the final approval of the engine certification option, but S&S has elected to proceed with an understanding from CARB that the engine certification option is imminent.

The purpose of the CARB Highway Motorcycle (HMC) Engine Certification Procedure letter is to permit engine manufacturers to adopt a "worst-case" engine certification process as part of the national program for highway motorcycles. This process will allow California customers to build up to 299 approved highway motorcycles a year using the certified engine. To be considered for approval, the customer must follow the requirements provided with the engine pertaining to installation, maintenance and reporting requirements.

S&S customers will have the option of choosing from 50-State certified V-Series engines in 4-inch bore 113ci (V113C) and the 4 1/8-inch bore 124ci (V113C). Both will be equipped with carburetors, and the new S Sealed-Air Cleaner, and a carbon canister for evaporative emissions.

"This CARB-certified engine program will allow dealers and small volume OEM's to purchase an S&S-certified engine, build an on-highway motorcycle, and sell it in California with no additional gaseous emissions testing needed. I would like to thank the California Air Resources Board and the MIC for their hard work on this issue. Indeed, this is a good day for the V-twin motorcycle enthusiast in the state of California," said Director of Business Development Michael Scaletta.

Each 50-state engine will come with an installation manual, engine owners manual, evaporative components and permanent label to designate the vehicle meets California regulations. In addition to those requirements a notice printed on a separate sheet of paper explaining the documentation, record keeping, notification requirements, and access of ARB to records will be included. There will also be a notice explaining the MSO for the engine will not be provided until engine manufacturer receives a statement from the owner that they have read and understood the requirements for proper installation of the engine into the vehicle.

Some of the information listed in the Installation Manual will include the maximum gear ratio (n/v), maximum vehicle weight, exhaust system back pressure range, maximum fuel tank capacity, evaporative system connections, and label placement. The owner's manual will include the emission component warranty, engine maintenance requirements, and anti-tampering requirements.

S&S plans to have the V113C and V124C (CARB Certified) released for sale in April 2008. Finishes will include black powder-coat, polished, natural-cast and natural-billet. More information will be available as April approaches.

The company also recently announced the successful approval of a T