S&S promises big power improvements with new camshaft options

Publish Date: 
Feb 24, 2014
By Bruce Steever

VIOLA, Wis. - S&S Cycles is using new camshaft designs to ramp up the output of any 2007 and later Harley Big Twin engine.

Each camshaft set is available in either chain-driven or gear-driven configurations and can be ordered with S&S Cycles’ patented Easy Start decompression technology.

The S&S cams come in three different profiles, but even the least aggressive camshaft grind, the MR103, is still capable of improving horsepower over stock by a claimed 25 ponies, with torque jumping more than 20 ft. lbs.

The HP103 camshaft claims a full 30 hp increase thanks to its focus on top-end power, and both camshafts promise these results with minimal modification to the stock engine.

For more extensively modified engines, the 635 H.O. camshaft set claims a full 117 hp on the S&S dyno, over 45 more than stock. Complete camshaft kits start at $729.95.

S&S also offers .585” valve spring kits that give a higher performance threshold than the stock items. These valve spring kits include all the necessary parts including conical single-wire springs, seats and collets and accommodate camshaft lifts up to .585 inches.

Kits are available for most Harley models from the late 80s to current, with kits starting at $119.95.