S&S tappets improve both stock and tuned engines

Publish Date: 
May 21, 2013

VIOLA, Wis. - The humble valve tappet lives a less than glamorous and generally thankless life, but S&S Cycle has a better option for your customers' engines all the same.

The new tappet sets are designed to offer improved performance and reliability under the demanding conditions found in heavily tuned engines while still being quieter and more efficient for stock engines on the street.

To meet both objectives, the S&S tappets use a precision-machined body and high-quality internals to provide reduced leak-down and quicker pump-up during cold starts. Because the cams reach operating pressure quickly, the motor is quiet from the very start. The lifters are lighter than stock and operate with reduced oil pressure, allowing higher revs and bumpier cams compared to stock for more power in tuned motors. Finally, the tappets are also available with S&S’s HL2T limited travel kit that eases starting for motors running non-S&S cams.

The S&S tappets come in sets of four to fit late-model Harley-Davidson big twin and Sportster models, with retail prices starting at $269.95. (Click on the diagram at left for a larger view.) Check out www.sscycle.com for more information.

Posted by Bruce Steever. Photos courtesy S&S