S&S Wants Riders to Take A P

Building on the success of the S&S SH-Series engines, S&S is debuting its own v-twin engine, a tribute to an engine that was in production when George and Marge Smith started the company.

The new P-Series engine reinforces the commitment S&S has made to protecting the legacy of the v-twin past.

The S&S P-Series engines are not reproductions of the old. Rather, the new P-Series engines are available in three designs, 1954-'64 (also for 1948-'53 with a tin primary), 1965-'69 applications and an alternator/generator version that fits 1970-'99 frame styles. P-Series engine are ready to run in 93ci, 93ci high-compression and 103ci high-compression models.

Their retro styling and modern mechanicals won't win any awards in stock restorations, but the S&S P-Series engine is ready to deliver modern reliability and power, as well as compatibility with modern performance components, a spokesperson says.

More information is available from S&S dealers, listed at sscycle.com.