S&S: We're Not Going Anywhere

S&S Cycle would like to address recent rumors stemming from the auctioning of several pieces of manufacturing equipment. In a down economy rumors fly, so here are the facts:

Like other companies in the manufacturing industry, S&S has conducted layoffs, and is selling excess equipment. “These are appropriate measures that we took in response to the slowing economy” says CEO George Smith. Smith went on to say “people may not be aware of this, but while we are clearing out some of our machinery, we are also investing in new machines, and increasing our efficiency and overall capability.”

Although slowing sales are a factor, some of the machines being sold have already been replaced in production by a new manufacturing cell that was made fully operational just last summer. This system allows for the consolidation of machining centers and results in greater efficiency. A redesign of the plant layout is also being implemented to increase the flexibility and scope of S&S’s manufacturing capacity.

S&S is about to launch an aggressive and dynamic marketing program which will start with a dual presence at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati , Ohio . S&S will be showing performance enhancement products under the S&S name as well as vintage engines and parts under their recently acquired Flathead Power™ brand. The following week at the Dealer Expo 2009 in Indianapolis , Indiana , S&S will debut a new line of off-road performance products and parts for metric cruisers.

Director of Business Development and Sales Michael Scaletta summed it up: “We are introducing great new products and are even expanding into new markets. S&S has been here for over 50 years, and we are in it for the long haul.”