Sabertooth Motorcycles Seeks Dealers

Publish Date: 
Apr 20, 2009
By Arlo Redwine

The WildCat

Sabertooth Motorcycles, a small, relatively new manufacturer of V8 cruisers, seeks dealers after losing all its dealers due to the bad economy and the bankruptcy of American IronHorse. But even during these rough times, the company has managed to expand its portfolio of bikes from two models to six.

Sabertooth first came to our attention in early 2008 when it sent us information on its WildCat cruiser with a carbureted Ford Racing 302 cu. in. motor. The company called the motorcycle “a racecar on two wheels” and displayed it at that year’s Dealer Expo, along with a version boasting a bigger motor.

The company was again at this year’s show, and it sent us an update on what it’s been up to. The 2009 WildCat receives a multiport fuel injection system with distributorless ignition. It also has a new dual exhaust with a catalytic converter. Because of all this, the unit reportedly has more horsepower and better fuel economy than the previous model.

For greater comfort, the 2009 WildCat also gets a new footpeg mounting system and a redesigned seat. Options include a 347 cu. in. Ford Racing engine, a chrome package, air suspension, floorboards and a sissy bar.

Want even more power? New for this year is the WildCat 427 with a Ford Racing 427 cu. in. engine producing a claimed 550 hp and 540 ft.-lbs. of torque. Compare this with the claimed 350 hp and 340 ft.-lbs. of torque of the regular WildCat. The WildCat 427 comes with the same options as its smaller brother (excluding the 347 engine, of course).

Sabertooth offers three other 2009 models:


  • The Midnight WildCat features black paint and blacked-out wheels, pulley and disc. It also has black-anodized controls, headlight and front end.
  • The WildCat X has a 360mm rear tire and a chrome package that includes the headlight, forks, controls, bell housing, wheels, pulley and brake components. Sabertooth says it added touches such as stainless steel engine hoses with anodized fittings. The WildCat X is available in a “stunning array of paint schemes.”
  • The WildCat 427X is the WildCat X with the bigger engine.

The company also has models in development:

  • The CatRod is based on the famous Rat Rod motorcycle. It comes with a 360 Brake that allows for an uninterrupted view of a 50-spoke wheel.
  • The StreetCat is a pro-street bike with the 350 hp engine. Sabertooth says it will offer derivative models similar to the ones of the WildCat series. So expect the StreetCat 427, the Midnight StreetCat, the StreetCat X and the StreetCat 427X.
  • The limited-edition 2010 TurboCat comes with twin turbochargers, a 360mm rear tire, dual-chain drive and a proprietary two-speed manual transmission with reverse. (Continued)