Sachs Bikes selling MadAss bikes, PG&A online

Publish Date: 
Jan 31, 2013

HEIDELBERG, Pa. - Sachs Bikes, a division of Motorcycle Insights LLC, has opened an online store selling PG&A and MadAss Motorcycles.

The company, founded by a former dealership employee and staffed by active motorcycle riders, is an e-commerce site that imports and sells Hepco & Becker brands, as well as Holan, Diemax, Wild@Heart, Twalcom, SW-Motech and GM motorcycles.

According to the new website, the company founder worked for the BMW & Aprilia dealership in Pittsburgh From 1999 to 2005 to pay for college. When that dealership closed, he wanted to stay involved with the BMW community and decided to start 

”The e-commerce side of MotoInsight started when he coordinated a group buy of mirror extenders for the F800 rider group. Soon afterward, it was expanded into after the realization that most stores were ignoring the F800 altogether, and the riders of this fabulous motorcycle deserved a store that catered just to them.”

The new website, still under construction, launched from the existing Heidelberg warehouse.

Posted by Holly Wagner