Saddle provides comfort/function for Honda's CRF250L

Publish Date: 
Jan 25, 2013

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Corbin says it took at a look at Honda’s do-it-all CRF250L and thought it could help improve on it seatwise. And with that the company’s designers have come up with a Dual Sport saddle that’s designed for functionality off-road and comfort on-road.

The company says it used its high-density comfort cell foam so the seat doesn’t crush down like stock foam, this way it could build a lower seating platform. The seat is said to provide better ground reach and a balanced riding position. In the dirt, riders can slide up close to the tank to get through corners quicker.

“Now let's say you're on a dual sport ride and you've just finished a bout with a nasty stretch of trail, and you have some paved miles ahead to catch your breath,” the company writes. “Slide towards the rear of the seat and you'll find a wider sculpted bucket shape. This area of the seat gives you more square inches of body contact and the firm support you need for amazing comfort. By the time you hit the next leg of rough stuff you'll be well rested and ready for more.”

One interesting point Corbin makes is that for most adults, when they’re seated, the posterior bones — the ones that take most of the body weight — are about 7 in. apart. The stock seat at its widest point is about 6.5 in. Corbin’s model is 11 in. wide.

The Dual Sport saddle shown in this image (above) is covered with Carbon-Fiber seating, Asphalt sides and a red welt. Corbin replaces its traditional tag with a stitched-in logo.

Posted by Dennis Johnson. Press image courtesy Corbin.