Saddlemen acquires Phantom Pad rights

Publish Date: 
Apr 15, 2014

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif. – Saddlemen has acquired exclusive rights to Phantom Pad removable suction cup passenger seats, joining All American Rider and American Kargo as Saddlemen brands.

Saddlemen will immediately start manufacturing the complete line of Phantom Pad products.

“The addition Phantom Pad has been a step in the right direction for Saddlemen. With companies like Phantom Pad, All American Rider and American Kargo we are able to give consumers what they want; more variety and quality products. It’s an exciting time to be here at Saddlemen,” said CEO David Echert.

Phantom Pad brings an array of suction cup-mounted motorcycle passenger pads to the Saddlemen family. The exclusive Phantom Pad suction cups are non-abrasive and designed with dual cavity and quick tabs. Unique features such as neoprene fender liner, an injection mold, ABS base plate and shock absorbing orthopedic memory molding foam are all components found in every standard Phantom Pad.

Saddlemen products brands are available exclusively through Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties. 

Posted by Holly Wagner