Saddlemen gel comfort pads are kind to the behind

Publish Date: 
Jan 11, 2013

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif. - Saddlemen offers your customers a solution for improving the comfort of their motorcycle seat without investing in a new saddle — the SaddleGel Comfort Pad.

According to the folks at Saddlemen, the pads will immediately improve a riders comfort and turns any seat into a comfy touring seat. The Comfort Pads are made from the company’s medical grade SaddleGel and are designed to absorb shocks and evenly distribute the rider’s weight across the full surface of the pad, which is said to eliminate hot spots and improve comfort.

The pads are available in a variety of sizes and different cover materials – breathable fleece, plush pillow and G-Tech memory foam. The Comfort Pads include a quick-disconnect strap for easy removal and carry a lifetime guarantee against freezing, cracking, drying out, leaking or melting.

Posted by Dennis Johnson