Samson heads to Sturgis — permanently

Publish Date: 
Jul 28, 2008

STURGIS, S.D. - Exhaust manufacturer Samson Motorcycle Parts has packed its saddlebags and moved to Sturgis, S.D. The company was previously based in Brea, Calif.

Groundbreaking was held this morning on a 40,000 sq. ft. plant in the Sturgis Industrial Park.

"With this development, the Sturgis area can look forward to good-paying industrial jobs in the near future," Norma Allen, executive coordinator of the Sturgis Economic Development Corp., told the Associated Press.

Samson CEO Kenny Price told AP the company places special emphasis on good worksmanship.
"Your customers, when it's all said and done, want a company that puts quality before quantity," he said.