Samson rolls out True Dual 'Crossover' exhaust systems for Softails


Owners of certain model-year Harley-Davidson Softails who want increased horsepower without worrying about breaking noise laws will find a solution in a new offering from Samson USA. The company has just unveiled its CARB-approved True Dual “Crossover” exhaust system made exclusively for Softails.

The system includes 4”x30” mufflers with decibel killer baffles (idling around 84dB), and removable billet end caps. The company says that its exhausts can reduce decibels while increasing horsepower, torque and fuel mileage by up to 20 percent because its patented design “creates negative pressure that scavenges exhaust gases.” The system also eliminates the rear crossover pipe to the front pipe, which provides a cooler and improved ride.

The Crossover system will fit 2012 Softails. It also will fit 2006 Softail models, as long as the vehicles have O2 sensor plugs. Exhausts are dyno-tested, and are plated in Samson’s Quad Chrome, which provides corrosion protection. One also can order pipes with a black ceramic finish, available upon request.

Contact: Samson USA, 714-280-8537,