San West launches its own scooter/ORV channel on YouTube


San West Inc., an off-road vehicle and scooter vendor and operator of the ORV portal, has launched CountyImportsdotCom's Channel, a customized channel on YouTube.

The channel already has 15 videos demonstrating scooters and shipping procedures.

"By creating a YouTube channel, we will cross the barrier of the traditional computer picture screen image, creating a three-dimensional platform which will help us grow our customer base, consumer interest and overall sales," says company president Jesse Gonzales. "Creating a YouTube channel and actively adding new videos helps us bring the showroom to the customer's living room from across the globe….we can showcase new merchandise, demonstrate popular scooters, and show consumers how carefully we package and ship merchandise. Rather than just looking at static photos on our website, consumers can see how a real person looks on the scooter or ORV they are considering for purchase.”

The company also posts the videos on its own website, but the YouTube channel is another step to drive traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) and viral marketing. The company expects to cut its advertising budget with the move.

Posted by Holly Wagner