Sargent saddles up your customer's 'Strom

Publish Date: 
Sep 2, 2013
By Bruce Steever

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The problem with seat design is not materials, shaping or height; it’s the human backside.

A vehicle manufacturer can try its best, but there’s just no way it will be able to design a seat that makes everybody happy, because rear ends come in too many varieties.

Even on a motorcycle with a good stock seat such as the latest Suzuki DL650 V-Strom, there are owners looking for a better seating option. That’s where Sargent Cycle Products steps in with its latest World Sport Performance PLUS seat.

The Sargent World Sport seat is built to handle the comfort needs or adventure-touring riders while still being able to handle the abuse of more hard-core dual-sport riding. Using a double-stitched construction, the DTX High-Performance cover material is claimed to be grippy and nearly indestructible.

The core of the new seat is Sargent’s proprietary Super Cell Atomic Foam that aims to be an ideal combination of firmness and durability for a comfortable but long-wearing saddle, which is bonded to a CarbonTec base that also includes a standard storage tube built into the seat’s underside.

In addition to the improved ergonomic profile, the Sargent seat also includes a variety of available options including different heights, outer materials, piping colors and even a digital heating system that is capable of providing a “butt-on-fire 125-plus” temperature.

All Sargent seats are backed up by a one-year warranty and options are available for more than 80 other popular models.