S.C. HOG To Rally in Spartanburg


South Carolina’s 2010 Harley Owners Group rally will be roll into Spartanburg this October, an expected 5,000 riders strong.

The rally is scheduled for Oct. 7-9 in Barnet Park after a five-year hiatus, and will include riding, games, music and some women-only events. The public is welcome to watch, but most of the activities will only be open to club members.

The rally is likely to make a big economic impact on Spartanburg. "These people spend an average at a rally of somewhere between $500 to $700 a day," rally organizer Keith Buchanan told WYFF"target="_blank". "So you've got a lot of money coming into a tough economic time and a great city like Spartanburg."

It's also a chance to put Spartanburg in the spotlight and help the city attract other opportunities.

"I wanted to bring the state rally again to Spartanburg to show the people the potential that Barnet Park and the Marriott has and what Spartanburg has to offer for a national rally. Then you're talking the numbers of somewhere between 40,000 to 50,000 people," Buchanan said.

Posted by Holly Wagner