School secures California funding for Motorcycle Officer Update Course

Publish Date: 
Feb 29, 2012

Rich Oliver's Mystery School announced that its two-day Motorcycle Officer Update Course now holds Plan I designation from the California Peace Officers Standards and Training agency (POST). This new designation allows participating California Police Departments to receive reimbursement for the enrolled officer’s travel costs, per diem, class tuition and backfill.

The course is sponsored by Cortech and Shoei.

The Police Motorcycle Officer Update course offers two days of training in an unique flat track/off road environment specifically designed for peace officers. All classes are taught by five-time AMA 250 Grand Prix Champion Rich Oliver at his private facility in Auberry, Calif., 30 minutes east of Fresno.

"This remote location allows full attention to riding and so improving the Officer's overall motorcycle control," Oliver said.

The course is designed to teach turning, balance, sliding, braking, tight area U-turns, negotiating obstacles and pursuit techniques.  Each class is limited to eight officers, allowing one-on-one instruction and many hours of riding to reinforce the lessons.

"The curriculum further enhances the officer's ability to avoid accidents and injury, and to gain a greater level of control in pursuit situations over all types of road surfaces and terrain," Oliver said.

For more information on this program, click here.

Posted by Mary Slepicka