Scoot! Magazine folds print publication


Scoot! Magazine has announced its plans to fold its print publication after shipping its 60th issue. The magazine, however, will live online in a digital version through a new portal calledScoot! Club, a members-only organization that the editors will launch shortly. Current magazine subscribers will automatically gain membership.

“The printing and shipping is roughly 80% of our budget,” managing editor April Whitney writes in an open letter on the magazine’s Facebook page. “By eliminating the majority of these costs, we hope to have enough actual revenue to pursue some of our goals.”

Whitney cites Scoot! Club as one of these goals, as well as future plans for iPhone and iPad apps.

The magazine’s 60th issue was slated for February release, but Whitney cites money as the reason for shipping delays. “We have several advertisers who have either gone out of business, or their business is so depleted that they aren't paying invoices,” she writes in her blog. “This has left us in the lurch with tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid invoices. Without the funds to pay for the February issue, it sat in the printer's warehouse since early February.”

The issue has only recently shipped to its subscribers.

Posted by Cynthia Furey

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