Scooter maker Bintelli adds roadside assistance

Publish Date: 
Mar 13, 2013

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - All Bintelli scooters sold through the brand’s dealer network now come with one year of free roadside assistance.

Bintelli, maker of five 49cc models and two 150cc models, is entering its second year in business after being founded by Justin Jackrel, owner of retailer Road Rat Motors in Gainesville, Fla.

The roadside assistance program stems from a partnership between Bintelli and Inovex Industries, the company behind the Ride-On brand of tire protection products. All Bintelli scooters now come with a limited two-year warranty, and end users can receive five free tows up to 15 miles in the first year of ownership.

Bintelli has 36 active dealers and “another 10 or so that are in the final stages of completing their paperwork and finalizing their first order,” Jackrel said. “We only require dealers to purchase five units to be awarded their initial exclusive territory. We do not require large buy-ins of parts and accessories like some of our competition. We send all new dealers a start up kit of banners, posters, spec sheets, manuals, etc., free of charge.”

Jackrel said dealers pay noninflated shipping costs, usually between $25 and $90 per scooter, depending on location. Bintelli scooters come fully assembled in a recyclable cardboard crate containing no metal that could scratch the scooter.

An online dealer management portal allows dealerships to track inventory, file warranty registration forms, and request warranty parts.

All Bintelli scooters come standard with Motobatt batteries, Gates belts, NGK spark plugs, Deni carburetors, Duro tires, halogen lights, and stainless steel exterior hardware.

“All of our scooters are manufactured by [China’s] Znen to our exact specifications,” Jackrel said. “We also have reps that live in China year-round to ensure that our orders are produced to our specific requirements to ensure that our dealer family is always happy with the final offering.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine. Photo courtesy Bintelli.