Scooter riding rules to be discussed Sept. 5 in Indy

Publish Date: 
Sep 3, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Scooters and mopeds will get their due Sept. 5 at a meeting dubbed the “Scooter Summit,” convened by ABATE to get ideas on how the state should regulate the small-motor vehicles.

Mopeds are not defined or mentioned under the motorized bicycles statute used by law enforcement and courts. And that law was last updated in 1991.

“The General Assembly has introduced legislation about it for three consecutive sessions, but it’s gone nowhere,” Jay Jackson, executive director of ABATE of Indiana, told the Journal and Courier. “Indiana statute calls them motorized bicycles, but that’s not really appropriate.“Low-speed motorcycles is really what they are.”

Indiana defines motorized bicycles as two- or three-wheeled vehicles with a cylinder capacity of 49 cubic centimeters or under. It cannot be designed to exceed 25 mph on a flat surface.

Riders need only a state-issued identification card to operate a motorized bicycle — making them an attractive option for people with suspended or no driver's licenses. And the vehicles do not have to be insured or registered with the state.

State and local dignitaries, law enforcement agencies, insurance representatives and motorcycle and school enthusiasts and advocates are among those invited to attend.

According to data compiled by ABATE, 24 people died last year in moped crashes in Indiana. Jackson said ABATE supports moped registration so the group can compare the number of wrecks to the number of mopeds, and to help recover stolen vehicles.

Mopeds are typically classified as motorcycles in crash reports, Jackson said, which skews motorcycle statistics.

The ABATE scooter summit will be held from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday at Speed City Cycle, 3464 W. 16th St. in Indianapolis.

Posted by Holly Wagner