Scoots 'N Scoops pairs motorcycle museum with ice cream parlor

Publish Date: 
Aug 4, 2014

BEN WHEELER, Texas – If you want to get people into a motorcycle museum, it’s not a bad idea to have an ice cream shop inside.

Scoots ’n Scoops is bringing cool new ideas to the area. Lynn Dugger and her husband, Kerry, were in partnership discussions with the former owner, Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association hall-of-famer Brooks Gremmels, when he died in January. 
“We signed the lease in May and will carry out the plans we made with him for growing Scoots ’n Scoops,” Dugger told the Monitor.

Scoots ’n Scoops features Gremmels’ one-of-a-kind vintage motorcycle collection. 
In the museum, patrons may buy motorcycle and town-related T-shirts, leather bags by Adiya Creations and wooden carvings by DJ Chainsaw Carvings.

“We will be carrying new products and hosting fundraisers for the Ben Wheeler Historical & Arts Foundation and other worthy causes such as the Children’s Library,” Dugger said. 
Scoots ’n Scoops is holding a bike wash fundraiser for the Children’s Library from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Sept. 6.
 Entrance fee is $15 per vehicle and the event will feature hot dogs and live music.

Scoots ’n Scoops carries 10 flavors of ice cream but will introduce at least one flavor a month, and offer warm comfort food in winter.