Scorpion, Cycra displays at Tucker Rocky show

Publish Date: 
Sep 1, 2009

Here are just two merchandising tools we saw at Tucker Rocky's recent dealer show.

Dealers use Scorpion Exhausts' bike riser to merchandise sportbike accessories. They raise a bike with a bunch of stuff on it, then place next to it a board outlining the parts and saying how much a customer saves by buying the package. European dealers started using the stand 18 months ago, Scorpion says, and have reported success. Here in the U.S., the stand is free if dealers buy $1,500 in pipes. Otherwise, it costs about $300. It comes with the promotional panel shown.

Dealers get Cycra's new display with an $800 buy-in. It It comes complete with product, and by buying in bulk, a dealership increases its margin to 40 percent from 35 percent. Displayed at the top are the new Probend CRM handguards, which mount on the center of the handlebars. This allows the company to offer two SKUs instead of the eight required to accommodate the upper, curved portion of the bars. Suggested retail is $124.95.