Scorpion Sports Dismisses Eric Anderson


Scorpion Sports announced that it has terminated Eric Anderson, vice president and creator of the Scorpion brand of helmets and apparel. The decision was effective September 1.

Company president Rick Miller stated that the company's decision to dismiss Anderson did not come easily, and that all of his work for the brand is much appreciated. However, Anderson and the company, "ultimately reached a point where we no longer have the same goals and objectives," Millers said. He did not elaborate but added that "the basic business paradigm has shifted" and indicated that more strategic decision-making would come from the company's Korean partners, Kido Sports.

This past summer Scorpion signed an agreement for Tucker Rocky distribute its product line, despite assertions made by Anderson when the company was founded that the brand would always be sold dealer-direct.

"We all know I have no problem expressing my opinions about how things should run," Anderson said today. "However, I am the minority shareholder in Scorpion, not the majority owner.

"Think of me as a free agent," Anderson added.

Anderson also is a regular columnist for Dealernews. Contact him via editors or directly at Eric Anderson.