Scorpion Sports: Don't Call our New Gear Apparel

In launching its ScorpionExoWear brand of riding gear, Scorpion Sports prefers that you refer to its new products as anything but apparel. Exoskeletal protection. Thoracic protection units. Just not apparel.

The helmet company is jumping into the apparel, er, gear, uh, exoskeletal protection game with one goal in mind: to be the Harley of the clothing world. It's all about branding, says Eric Anderson, Scorpion Sports founder and VP of sales and marketing.

"Harley doesn't sell motorcycles, they sell a lifestyle that encourages wind in your hair," says Anderson. "If you look at the other great brands, you have to create an image that people latch onto and remember.

"We are, by choice, redefining ourselves differently from the other names of clothing that are out there," says Anderson.

When referring to any of the 10 separate pieces in the ScorpionExoWear line, anything as mundane as a glove or jacket, Anderson says, instead they'll be called by their product names. Included in the jacket lineup are the All-In, the Stinger, the HatTrick, the BurnOut, the CoolRod and the Vision vest. Prices range from $399.95 to $69.95. A selection of gloves and casual wear rounds out the collection.

As it did with its helmet line, Scorpion uses a number of trademarked features exclusive to its products. All the better for marketing and branding purposes. The newest are Exo-Tec armor, Exo-Stitch safety seams and something called the Abradium Scale, a protection ranking given to each riding product.

Anderson says a range of point-of-purchase display racks will be available to help its branding efforts.

To meet the potential demand for the new line, and to help sales and shipping of its helmets, Scorpion has opened a 66,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Louisville , KY. The location will service the dealer-direct company's dealers on the East coast and in the Midwest.

Anderson says these two regions make up about 65 percent of the company's sales and when the warehouse is fully operational in spring 2008, shipping times will drop to one to two days.