Scorpion Sports' Independent Road Reps Will Sell LeoVince, Leatt

Publish Date: 
Jan 21, 2010
By Mary Green Slepicka

A RECENT ARTICLE that three popular yet very different product manufacturers had decided to share some sales costs in the new economy was mistakenly interpreted by some who thought that it had affected a national distribution arrangement. And if Dealernews played any part in that misunderstanding, we apologize.

Here’s the story: A few weeks ago, Scorpion Sports opened its network of independent sales representatives so they could sell certain “key” product lines from two other companies — performance exhausts from LeoVince and cervical protection equipment from Leatt.

Scorpion invited LeoVince and Leatt to its 2010 national sales meeting so that the independent reps could get more familiar with the others’ product lines.

“The core of the story is more about manufacturers cooperating to share some costs (like the national sales meeting and the same group of independent sales reps) to better achieve the end goal of sales success for each of our brands,” said Tim Calhoun, executive vice president at LeoVince USA ( “Also, by doing this we offer a stronger group of anchor brands for independent reps, and a similar sales mechanism for these reps to sell with.”

Although Leatt and LeoVince are self-distributed, LeoVince is also distributed through Tucker Rocky (

If you’re not a TR dealer, you can expect to see LeoVince exhausts being sold by independent reps who also handle Scorpion and, now, Leatt. The arrangement increases the products’ reach into the dealer community, and it benefits these independent reps, because they now have two additional and quite popular product lines to sell.

“We have the right sales organization in place,” said Scorpion Sports president Rick Miller when he kicked off the 2010 National Sales meeting earlier this month. “But we also recognize that in the down economy it will be necessary for road reps to expand their range of offerings. This strategic alliance with two premium product lines should be a win-win for reps and their dealers alike.”

To sum up: LeoVince and Leatt are using the same network of independent sales reps for key product lines as Scorpion Sports. LeoVince is also still distributed and sold through Tucker Rocky.